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Hetalia Daily
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8th-Aug-2011 05:43 am - Events!
o8.26.11 - Two Events!

[Event 1] will be a mafia AU! Everyone will be human, and be one of three things: mafioso, civilian, or police. Please post what you are in this plurk.

[Event 2] will be a canon event where everyone has turned into children! They've woken up to find themselves in their child bodies, and can't seem to find the cure. Though they're still the same people, day by day, they begin to act more and more like actual children...

In order to participate in these events, simply put either [Event 1] or [Event 2] in the beginning of your posts! Remember, you can participate in as many Plurks as you want, so Plurk away!
2nd-Aug-2011 01:29 am - Rules
1. Respect other roleplayers!
Rudeness towards other roleplayers will not be tolerated. More than just a group of random roleplayers, we are a community and a group of friends. Be nice.

2. Be literate!
The occasional typo is alright, but you are expected to know your basic grammar rules. This also means that chat-speak is prohibited.

3. Be active!
This is to accommodate for writer's block and the occasional problems with life. If you don't post for over two weeks and do not have a hiatus post, your character will be freed up for other people to grab. You will not be given a warning before you lose your character, so please be mindful of this rule. If you understand, here's your first code word: England.

4. Respond to activity checks!
There will be an activity check each month. If you haven't filed for hiatus and you don't respond, then your character will be freed up for other people to grab. If you understand, here's your second code word: has.

5. There is to be no god modding!
Control only your own character. Don't make assumptions, please.

6. Participate in events!
Every once in a while, we'll have some events for all of you to participate in and have fun. Participation isn't mandatory, but it'd be appreciated. When making a plurk that's a part of the event, make sure to write [Event] at the beginning of your plurk.

7. Plurks with sexual content must be marked as such.
If things get steamy in your plurk with someone, make sure you edit the first/title plurk to include a [M] in the beginning! If you don't want to be alerted of such plurks, you can simply mute them. Here's your third code word: sexy.

8. You may have a maximum of two characters.
Please make sure that you're active on both accounts, or the inactive one will be freed up. Your second character may not be the genderbent version of your first character.

9. Join this community once your application has been accepted!

10. Add everyone as your friend after you've been accepted.
Their links will be featured in the Character List page; just click on their names. Here's your last code word: eyebrows.
2nd-Aug-2011 01:07 am - How To Use Plurk
Were you accepted into the RP, but have no idea how Plurk works? Not to worry! This post is available as a quick guide to get you familiar with Plurk.

1. Head on over to www.plurk.com

2. Click the green button on the right that says, "Sign Up For Free"

3. Fill out the form. Your Nickname must be something relevant to your character (StarsAndStripes for America, for example). Fill out the remainder of the form as your character. (So, your first and last names must be your character's names, and the gender must be the gender of your character.)

4. Validate your account.

5. Click on My Profile at the very top bar.

6. Change your Plurk display name to the name of your character, then click Save Profile Changes. (First name only, because the full name doesn't fit.)

7. Click on My Profile again, but this time, go to the Picture tab. Upload a picture of your character to use as your avatar of sorts, press Upload picture, then click Save Profile Changes.

8. The colors of your Plurk site look ugly, right? You can change it easily by mixing up some of the patterns they have, or by going to the recommended sites that they list and looking for a new layout. Go to My Profile again, and head on over to the Customize profile tab. Play around with the colors and patterns, until you're satisfied with it, or use something like http://plurk-layout.com/layout-generator to make a custom layout.

9. Click on My Account (upper right hand corner) if you want to change how often Plurk emails you, or if you want to change your privacy settings.

You're done customizing your plurk site! Now, here's how to actually use it.

*When people add you as a friend (which is mandatory amongst members of Hetalia Daily), you'll see a number in the top strip next to Alerts, highlighted in red. Click it, and accept the member as a friend. This will allow you to see one another's Plurks, comment on it, etc.

*As you can see, the posting layout of Plurk is very much like Facebook. Click the 'is' box right next to your display name, which will display a long list of words. Look at the very top, and click ": (freestyle)". Then, write an action that your character does in the white box, and press Plurk. You'll see your post appear in the timeline.

*If you see another character's plurk and want to RP with them in that particular setting, simply click on their plurk bubble. It will expand to form a little box. Again, click "says" and change it to ":(freestyle)", and begin RPing! (Most people start their sentences with their character's name, since it's already there. For example, if you just type "likes cheese", the plurk will end up showing "Arthur likes cheese" once you press enter.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask them here!
2nd-Aug-2011 12:39 am - Plot
Monday was just another normal day for the nations of the world. Tuesday, however, was a completely different story. As soon as the countries awoke, they found themselves sleeping next to someone who looked suspiciously like them... only, they were of the opposite gender. No one knew what happened or who was responsible for this - or if there was anyone responsible at all -, but the point was that the nations now had to co-exist with their counterparts.

(Or did they?)

Hetalia Daily is a canon RP, set during modern times. As gender bends do exist in this RP, there will be a male and a female representing each nation. RPs are to be carried out over in Plurk. Check out the How To post in order to find out how you can create a Plurk account, and start RPing! (It's a relatively easy process that takes less than five minutes.)

If your genderbent version hasn't joined yet, then you may assume that your counterpart just hasn't appeared yet, but will in due time.
2nd-Aug-2011 12:25 am - Applications
Here is the application template. Fill it out and PM it to me. (Make sure to adjust your settings so that people that aren't on your friends list can send you private messages!) You have three days to turn this in after you make your reservation. Once you're accepted, PM me the link to your plurk account.

Country Name: 

Human Name: 


Personality: (Minimum two paragraphs. Remember, paragraphs are 4+ sentences.)

Sample post: (Minimum two paragraphs. Remember, paragraphs are 4+ sentences.)

Add the code words together. What is the resulting sentence?: (Read the rules!)
2nd-Aug-2011 12:06 am - Character List
Here is the list of characters that are available/taken/reserved for this roleplay. You will have three days to turn in an application after reserving; five, if you give a valid excuse for your tardiness. If there is a country that I've missed, feel free to request for it to be added to the list! (This includes OCs.)

If a character is reserved, their name will be italicized in black. If a character is taken, then their name will be bolded, and will link to their plurk page.

The Americas
Canada ☆ Fem!Canada
Cuba ☆ Fem!Cuba
United States of America ☆ Fem!United States of America

Egypt ☆ Fem!Egypt
Seychelles ☆ Male!Seychelles

The Baltic Trio
Estonia ☆ Fem!Estonia
Latvia ☆ Fem!Latvia
Lithuania ☆ Fem!Lithuania

The Nordics
Denmark ☆ Fem!Denmark
Finland ☆ Fem!Finland
Iceland ☆ Fem!Iceland
Norway ☆ Fem!Norway
Sweden ☆ Fem!Sweden

Austria ☆ Fem!Austria
Belarus ☆ Male!Belarus 
Belgium ☆ Male!Belgium
England ☆ Fem!England
France ☆ Fem!France
Germany ☆ Fem!Germany
Greece ☆ Fem!Greece
Hungary ☆ Male!Hungary
Liechtenstein ☆ Male!Liechtenstein
Monaco ☆ Male!Monaco
The Netherlands ☆ Fem!The Netherlands
North Italy ☆ Fem!North Italy
Poland ☆ Fem!Poland
Prussia ☆ Fem!Prussia
Russia ☆ Fem!Russia
Sealand ☆ Fem!Sealand
Seborga ☆ Fem!Seborga
South Italy ☆ Fem!South Italy
Spain ☆ Fem!Spain
Switzerland ☆ Fem!Switzerland
Ukraine ☆ Male!Ukraine

China ☆ Fem!China
Hong Kong ☆ Fem!Hong Kong
India ☆ Male!India
Japan ☆ Fem!Japan
South Korea ☆ Fem!South Korea
Taiwan ☆ Male!Taiwan

The Middle East
Turkey ☆ Fem!Turkey

Australia ☆ Fem!Australia
New ZealandFem!New Zealand
Wy ☆ Male!Wy
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